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Upstate Senior Network Membership Application

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Membership Application

Thank you for registering to become a member of Upstate Senior Network! Please complete your registration by paying the $100 membership fee using the PayPal button.
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Complete Registration by Paying Online

Membership Fees are
$100 Annually as of 2023

Every member must read and accept the USN Code of Ethics

Annual membership fee is $100.00 (January-December)
Make check payable to: Upstate Senior Network 

Mailing Address:
Upstate Senior Network
P.O. Box 25811
Greenville, SC 29616

Our Federal Tax ID # is 56-2309210, organized as a 501 (C) 6 non-profit trade association.

Code of Ethics

Each member of the Upstate Senior Network makes a commitment to the following Code of Ethics:

  • The USN Member will treat all seniors, family members and members of the public in

general with respect and dignity.

  • All dealings and representations by the USN Member will be made in a professional and truthful manner.

  • Information obtained by the USN Member in dealing with seniors, their family members and interested third parties will be protected and not distributed without the permission of the senior or appropriate legal authorities.

  • The USN Member will provide the senior with all of the information, reasonably available to the USN Member, in order for the senior to make an informed decision about

the goods or services being proposed and will not promote goods or services to the senior

that are not in the best interest of the senior.

  • The USN Member will not promote or sanction any form of discrimination.

  • The USN Member will be responsible for ensuring that he or she and their employees

are held to the highest relevant professional standards, including the necessary continuing education to maintain the skills and knowledge of those employees.

  • The USN Member will cooperate with other organizations in an effort to do what is best

for the senior.

  • The USN Member will treat other USN Members and non­members which may be competing against them in a fair and professional manner and will not make disparaging comments about competitors to the senior or within the community.

  • The USN Member will make a good­ faith effort to promptly resolve any concerns or complaints about them arising from the senior, their families or other interested parties.

  • The USN Member will report any suspected violations of the USN Code of Ethics to the USN Board, through its Vice President, in a timely manner.

  • A PDF version of this Code of Ethics is available for download by clicking on the following

link: Download Code of Ethics